Reproductive Tourism: Cross-Border Travel for Abortion and Fertility Services

Reproductive Tourism: Cross-border travel for abortion and fertility services
Edited by Christabelle Sethna and Gayle Davis

In recent years, there has been an awakening of academic and media interest in the concept of medical tourism. Medical tourism, involving travel to obtain medical services outside one’s healthcare jurisdiction, has been characterised as a major transnational growth industry and one which raises fascinating and challenging logistical, legal and ethical questions.

However, among its current weaknesses, the existing literature fails to explore adequately the gendered dimensions of medical tourism, particularly the travel of women. Thus, we currently know little specifically about women’s access to medical services within this medical tourism framework.

A particular area of health care which demands to be addressed through this gendered lens is reproductive tourism. Reproductive tourism is considered a subset of medical tourism, but it is too often associated narrowly with travel to help women designated infertile conceive a child.

The reproductive tourism that we want to examine involves cross-border travel for abortion and fertility services. Given the significant number of women who seek out both of these services and the complex issues which each raises, a collection focusing on women’s cross-border travel, both domestic and international, for the purposes of abortion and/or fertility services, will fill a major gap in the literature on medical tourism.

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SHCY 2013: Graduate Student Digest

Susan Eckelmann, the Graduate Student Representative for SHCY, provides this recap of the executive meeting and ideas for expanding opportunities for graduate students below.

The job market, writing a dissertation, and funding dissertation research can be challenging and produce frustrating moments at times. But to most of us, this is hardly any news. As SHCY’s graduate student representative, I’m committed to developing professional workshops, creating more funding opportunities, promoting more awards for graduate students, and expanding pedagogical resources on SCHY’s website, among other important developments necessary to succeed as a budding scholar.

During this year’s executive meeting, I have raised and pushed for a number of important changes that I hope will further professional development, increase the visibility of grad students’ intellectual contributions, and cultivate institutional and funding support for dissertation research and conference participation.

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The Child in the World

The Child in the World will be a one day conference on 9 November 2013 held at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London. Dr Karen Wells will be the keynote speaker.

The deadline for paper submissions has been extended to 13 March 2013.

• How have children’s lives been shaped by global processes and events, both past and present?
• How do children understand their place within the world and how has this sense of place changed or remained the same?
• How have children’s lives been shaped by experiences of global travel, of migration and displacement?

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