SHCY Outreach Grant Recipients

The Outreach Committee and Executive Committee announce the first set of $500 Outreach Grants. They go to:

The Childhood and Youth Studies Collaborative at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, to support faculty and students from other colleges and universities in the Upper Midwest to travel to Minneapolis and participate in a series of workshops and presentations throughout the spring semester 2013.
Applicants: Mary Jo Maynes, Kysa Hubbard, and Emily Bruce.

The University of North Texas Digital Scholarship Co-Operative to support “They leave me and I love them more”: A Symposium on the Legacies of Maurice Sendak” on April 26, 2013. The audience includes UNT faculty, students, and staff, and members of the community.
Applicant: Spencer D. C. Keralis.

Carolina Seminar, UNC-Chapel Hill, to support lecture by Margaret Peacock on Cold War Kids: Images of Soviet-American Childhood and the Collapse of Consensus, 1945-1968 (tentatively scheduled for late November 2012). The seminar theme is “Russia and Its Neighbors, East and West.” The audience is UNC-Chapel faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and the community.
Applicant: Jacqueline M. Olich.