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Jun  24

Guest Post: Phillip Buckley on Challenging Nostalgic Visions of the Public School Students of Yesteryear

Phillip Buckley is an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and an interdisciplinary scholar interested in law, rights, childhood, […]

Jun  22

Guest Post: Saheed Aderinto on Education and Childhood Poverty in Colonial Nigeria

Saheed Aderinto teaches at Western Carolina University. He is the author of When Sex Threatened the State: Illicit Sexuality, Nationalism, […]

Mar  02

Guest Post: Shurlee Swain on Networking, Interdisciplinarity, and the SHCY

Shurlee Swain is Professor in the Faculty of Education and the Arts and Australian Catholic University. A long-time and active […]

Feb  18

Guest Post: Malia McAndrew on American Beauty Culture

Malia McAndrew blogs about the larger contexts of American “beauty culture” as they related to her forthcoming article “Japanese American […]

Feb  10

Guest Post: Jennifer Lucko on her Journey from Field Research to Article

In “Ten Years Later,” Jennifer Lucko narrates the winding journey from field research to her forthcoming JHCY article, “‘Here your […]

Jun  20

Podcast: James Marten on SHCY and JHCY

Earlier this month James Marten, the new editor of the JHCY, spoke with Brian Shea, Public Relations and Advertising Coordinator […]

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