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Jun  06

CHC: Season 2, Episode 5: Historical Truth and Childhood Trauma

Childhood: history & critique (CHC) is a multi-media series of interviews, essays, and reports on happenings in the historical study […]

Nov  05

Guest Post: Sharon Wall on Space, the Maternity Home and Other Roads Taken

Sharon Wall is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg. Her areas of study include: Canadian social […]

Jul  15

Podcast: Writing the History of Childhood and Youth in Canada

Here is the audio recording of the HCYG roundtable at the University of Victoria in June 2013: Unraveling Common and […]

Jul  02

Guest Post: Mona Gleason and the Limits of “Children’s Voices”

Observations on the Limits of “Children’s Voices” Mona Gleason, Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia […]

Jun  07

CFP: Childhood and Its Discontents

ESC: English Studies in Canada invites submissions for a Special Issue on “Childhood and Its Discontents,” guest edited by Nat […]

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