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Session 1: Twentieth Century Wars and Their Aftermaths. Location: Pope A1

Chair: James Marten

James Greenhalgh, “‘Keep Smiling Through’: Home, Gendered Spaces and the Performance of Girlhood in Narratives of the Blitz”

Wayne M. Riggs, “‘A Wholesome Discipline’: British Youth in the Established Churches during the Great War”

Vassiliki Theodorou and Vassiliki Vassiloudi, “Re-educating Deviant Children during the Early Twentieth Century in Greece: The Transition from Philanthropic to Scientific”

Session 2: Dividing Lines: Explorations in Space, Spheres, and Chronological Age in the United States. Location: Pope A17

Chair and Discussant: LaKisha Simmons

Corinne T. Field,”Chronological Age and Separate Spheres: The Spatial Imaginary and the Right to Vote at Age Twenty-One in Antebellum America”

Nicholas L. Syrett, “Child Marriage and the Meanings of Age in the Twentieth-Century Rural United States”

Leslie Paris, “‘You Better Have Your Way With Me’: Adolescent Girls and Modern American Sexual Culture”

Session 3: Spaces of Integration and Education. Location: Portland E126

Chair: Alice Hearst. Discussant: Gretchen Long

Kabria Baumgartner,”Children of the Commonwealth: Black Girls and School Desegregation in Antebellum Massachusetts”

Françoise N. Hamlin, “Freedom’s Cost: Anne Moody and the Civil Rights Movement”

Laura L. Lovett, “The Campaign to Educate Homeless Children in the United States”

Session 4: Plasticine Cities. Location: Physics C04

Chair: Simon Sleight

Lillian Llamas-Acosta,”‘The Great Book of the City’: Children’s Narratives of the Excluding City”

Håkan Forsell, “Orientations and Instructions: Molding the Urban Experience of the Young, 1914-1930”

Simon Sleight, “Exploring the ‘Youthscape’: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Spaces of the Past”

Rebecca King Cerling, “Inside the Walls: Toward an Understanding of Children’s Place in Eleventh-Century English Monastic Life”


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Location: Pope A13/A14


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Session 5: Educative Spaces in Novels and Diaries: Young Readers and Writers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Location: Pope A1

Chair: Jane Potter

Andrew P. Haley,”‘Pass the Salt’: Children’s Literature and the Family Meal”

Nancy G. Rosoff, “‘There are other people to consider besides myself’: Lessons Offered from American and British School and College Fiction”

Anja Tschörtner, “‘If we girls are not even meant to think seriously, they could just as well drown us like they do in China!’: German Popular Girls’ Fiction and the Impact on its Readership’s Position in Wilhelmine Society”

Alison Twells, “The Pyramid Formation: Identity, Class, and Space in the Diary of a Scholarship Girl, 1938-1939”

Session 6: Children, Childhood and the Mobilizing, Altering And Dissolving of National Identities in Modern Europe. Location: Pope A17

Chair: Elizabeth White

Emily Baugahn,”The Save the Children Fund, Child Rights, and Russian Refugee Children, 1920-1930″

Sam Johnson, “Anglo-Jewish Anxieties and the Cheder”

Matthias Neumann, “Mobilising Children into the National Space: Patriotic War Culture in Kiev during World War I”

Elizabeth White, “‘My Little Russia’: National Schools for Russian Children in Inter-War Europe”

Session 7: Houses, Homes and Hang-outs: Children and Teens in Postwar City and Suburb. Location: Physics C04

Chair: Sharon Wall

Sharon Park,”Locating Children and Youth in Cultural Representations of Suburbia, 1945-1979″

Sharon Wall, “‘Some of them have never had a real home’: Making Room for Teenagers in the Canadian Maternity Home, 1945-61”

Katharine Rollwagen, “Saturdays at the Store: Canadian urban high school students in Eaton’s department stores, 1940-1960”

Session 8: Race, Space, and Place in the United States . Location: Portland E126

Chair: James Marten

Gretchen Long,”Jim Crow Summertime: A Place of Violence and Comfort”

Ben Davidson, “Children, Childhood, and the Meaning of Emancipation during the American Civil War and Reconstruction”

Joan Bryant, “Children and the Place of Suffering in Civil Rights Era Protest”

Session 9: Creating the Useful American Child. Location: Physics C05

Chair and Discussant: Renee Sentilles

Natalie Jeanne Geeza,”Practice Makes Perfect: The Use of ‘Practice Apartments’ and Live Children in Home Economics Courses of the 1910s-20s”

Jennifer Light, “Virtual Experience and Child Socialization in the United States, 1895-1945”

Sarah Anne Carter, “The Kitchen-Garden: Shaping Girls into Ideal Servants through Kindergarten Methods, 1876-1910”

Kathryn B. Irving, “Improvable Idiots: Schools for Idiotic Children and Normal Child Development in Nineteenth-Century America”


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Session 10: Space, Consumption, Liberation, and Memory in Twentieth-Century American Youth. Location: Pope A1

Chair and Discussant: Rebecca de Schweinitz

Gary Cross,”American Teen Car Culture in Detroit: Rodding, Cruising, and Memory”

James Block, “Spaces of Incipient Youth Opposition: Locating Emergent Sites of 1960s Generational Release in the Regulated Culture of the 1950s”

Lincoln Geraghty, “(Re)Collecting Memories of Childhood: Comics, Youth, and Nostalgia at the San Diego Comic-Con”

Session 11: “A place for everything . . .” Children and Their Spaces in Literature and Libraries. Location: Pope A17

Chair: Lynne (E. F.) McKechnie

Joanna L Kerr,”Liminal Spaces and the Literary Tourist”

Melanie Kimball, “A Place to Call Home: Imagined Spaces in the Orphan Narrative”

Lynne (E. F.) McKechnie and Brittany Coulter, “The Children’s Room: Interrogating the Spaces Created by Adults for Children in Public Libraries”

Ase Kristine Tveit, “Norwegian Children’s Libraries: Spaces in a Transforming Childhood”

Session 12: Spaces of Childhood in the Memory of War and Genocide. Location: Physics C04

Chair: Delene Case White

Delene Case White,”Challenges to East German Memory Politics: Jurek Becker’s Fictional Space of Children in the Holocaust”

Megan Harrison, “Trauma Depiction in Refugee Memoirs for Children”

Yehudit Inbar, “A World Void of Space: the Fate of the Jewish Child in the Holocaust”

Dana Mihăilescu, “Traumatic Echoes of Memories in Child-Survivors’ Narratives of the Holocaust: The Polish Experiences of Michal Głowiński and Henryk Grynberg”

Session 13: Mapping the Sources of Space: The Methodological Challenges of Recreating Children’s Geographies. Location: Portland E126

Chair and Discussant: Mary-Clare Martin

Kristine Alexander,”Picturing Girl Guides Worldwide: Photography and the Historical Creation of National and Colonial Spaces”

Susan A. Miller, “‘A Boy-sized State’: Youth-produced Newspapers and the Construction of Civic Space”

Krys Verrall and Jeffrey Canton, “Childhood, Spaces, and Picture Book Memoirs”

Session 14: Claiming Territory: Youth, Rebellion, and Spatial Politics in Latin America. Location: Physics C05

Chair and Discussant: Marta Gutman

Liz Donato,”The Politics of the Poetic City: The Valparaíso Architecture School’s Open City, 1970s‐1980s”

Dorota Biczel, “‘Nothing political’: Limeñan cultural underground and remaking of the politics of the 1980s”

Sebastian Vidal, “Running the Risk: Art and Social Disobedience in Chile”

Luisa Valle, “The Festival and the City: Mobility and Participation in the Construction of Space”


[gn_spoiler title=”4:15-4:45pm: Tea” open=”0″ style=”2″]

Location: Pope A13/A14


[gn_spoiler title=”4:45-6:15pm: Plenary Session” open=”0″ style=”2″]

The Spaces of Childhood: A Conversation on Rooms as Evidence. Location: Pope C16

Marta Gutman, Moderator
Ning de Coninck-Smith
Karen Sanchez-Eppler
Abigail A. Van Slyck


[gn_spoiler title=”6:30pm: Reception” open=”0″ style=”2″]

Location: Ancaster Hall


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