Childhood and the Media Conference

Announcing: Childhood and the Media: 25th International Association of Media and History Congress
University of Leichester, July 17-20, 2013

CFP deadline for Paper Proposals: Dec. 15, 2012 to


Papers are invited for the biennial IAMHIST (International Association of Media and History) Congress, to be held at the University of Leicester, UK, on the theme of “Childhood and the Media.” Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Child actors and stars: e.g. Shirley Temple, Sabu, Jodie Foster (including what becomes of child actors when they are no longer children).
  • Representations of childhood in film, radio and television including both real (e.g. Ann Frank) and fictional (e.g. Harry Potter).
  • Children in classic cinema: e.g. Bicycle Thieves, the Apu films.
  • Adapting children’s fiction: e.g. The Railway Children, The Princess Diaries
  • Childhood and film-makers’ autobiographies: e.g. François Truffaut, Terence Davies.
  • Nostalgia and childhood: adults remembering film, radio and television.
  • Film, radio and television ‘made for children’: e.g. the Children’s Film Foundation, Walt Disney, children’s television drama, cartoons.
  • Educational film, radio and television programming: e.g. Play School, Sesame Street and their international equivalents.
  • Exhibition practices: e.g. children’s matinees, film clubs, tie-in publications.
  • Juvenile audiences and reception studies of children’s media.
  • Research into the effects of the mass media on children.
  • Children and media censorship in national and international contexts.

Sumbmission Guidelines

Proposals for papers should be sent to:

Please include an abstract of c.300 words, a brief biographical note, your institutional affiliation (where relevant) and your contact details (including your email address).

We welcome proposals either for individual papers or for self-constituted panels of 3-4 papers. We envisage that papers will be 20 minutes plus time for questions and discussion.

Closing date for proposals: 15 December 2012.

You will be notified of the acceptance of your paper by 31 January 2013.

For more information, visit the IAMHIST website.