SHCY Outreach Grants

SHCY will distribute up to three $500 grants in any given academic year to help defray expenses for speakers, symposia, and conferences fully or partially devoted to the history of children and youth.

Possible uses:
—keynote speakers
—printed materials
—support for students attending the conference/event

Deadline: October 1, 2012, for events taking place between January 1 and December 31, 2013.

Note: If the event funded by the grant is part of a larger conference or other function, the funded portion of the conference must be identified as discrete portions of the program and labeled as co-sponsored by SHCY.

Terms of the grants:
—Applicants must be members of SHCY.
—Funds will be distributed directly to host departments or institutions prior to the event.
—SHCY must be acknowledged as co-sponsor on all print and web-based materials and announcements, and, when appropriate, in speaker introductions.

One-page applications should be submitted as PDF files via email to Outreach Committee co-chairs Rebecca DeSchweinitz and James Marten. They should include:

—Date, location, and primary sponsor of event
—Description of audience (size, makeup)
—Total cost of event and other confirmed or potential funding sources
—Description of event that articulates how it contributes to all or part of SHCY’s mission: promoting the history of children and youth by supporting research about childhood, youth cultures, and the experience of young people across diverse times and places; fostering study across disciplinary and methodological boundaries; providing venues for scholars to communicate with one another; and promoting excellence in scholarship.

The Outreach Committee will entertain proposals for kinds of events not specifically listed, although the Committee may request additional information from applicants about their event and about the participants and intended audience.

The Outreach Committee will recommend recipients to the SHCY Executive Committee, which will make final decisions. Recipients of grants will be announced by November 15, 2012.

A brief report must be submitted to the co-chairs of the Outreach Committee no later than thirty days after the funded event. It should consist of a summary of the attendance (size, makeup), a copy of appropriate printed materials or screenshots of websites, and description of the actual expenses covered by the grant.