Research Opportunity: 19th/early-20th c. British Children’s Hospitals

PhD Bursaries available from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
Kingston University 
Deadline: 15 June 2012

Kingston University has announced it is making 14 fees-only PhD bursaries
available across arrange of subject areas within the Faculty of Arts and Social
Sciences, including History.


Over the last ten years, the History Department at Kingston has been
constructing a series of databases created from admission registers to four
children's hospitals in the 19th and early 20th centuries. One of the
objectives of building the databases was to encourage academic work on these
sources by developing a series of questions such sources could be used to
investigate.  The databases provide information on nearly 120,000 individual
patients including age, sex, admission details, original diagnosis, length of
stay in hospital and outcome of stay. Some also contain information on
treatment received and family background (eg fathers' occupations and
religion). They can be linked in the case of Great Ormond Street Hospital and
the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow to surviving case notes which
provide more detail on both treatment and patient background. Together these
sources provide a unique insight into the care (and living conditions) of poor
sick children at a time when the speciality of paediatrics was only just
beginning to emerge.

Kingston History Department would be interested in offering advice and support
to anyone who would like to make these databases the central resource in a PhD
project, and particularly anyone who would be interested applying for one of
the bursaries. We cannot guarantee success, as the bursaries are offered in
open competition across the Faculty, but we would be keen to encourage and
support any such application.

Further information about the awards can be found here. 

Further information on the children's hospital project and the databases
themselves can be found on our dedicated public website (access is free).

If you would like to talk through an idea for a research proposal please feel
free to contact Dr. Sue Hawkins.